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Prickly Pear Products, LLC

Health & Nutrition from the Desert!


Phone:  (480) 357-8200


         Excerpts from Customer Testimonials:

"I had read lots of great reviews on the health benefits of cactus fruit and wanted to give it a try.  I admit, I was skeptical at first due to how many remedies/medicines/herbs have failed me in the past.  Less than a month later I am already noticing my joint pain and body aches are reduced by half so far and my cholesterol has come down more than 15 points!  My doc has also noticed that my blood pressure and blood sugar has dropped a bit as well."  Cynthia R. (7/27/2012)


"Nochtli puree is the best, I love it!!!!  I ordered my first 3 bottles about 3 weeks ago, and the difference is amazing.  I was drinking another nopal juice, but this puree is primo, and to me it tastes good.  I feel energized, and I'm feeling so good, my knee and joint pain is virtually gone."  Sharon S.  (4/26/12)


"Works great for inflammation.  Wonderful transaction.  Will be ordering more.  Told several of my friends."  Phil T. (4/3/12)

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